Taymax Group Gives Generous Contribution to Grady’s Gifts

In 2018, a little boy named Grady Smith was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called adrenoleukodystrophy or ALD, which damages the protective covering surrounding nerve cells called myelin. This membrane controls thinking and muscles.

Luckily, Grady received a bone marrow transplant that helped save his life. Now, Grady’s family works to give back, as they know firsthand how scary it can be to have a loved one with a medical condition. They created Grady’s Gifts, a fundraiser providing holiday gifts, incentive gifts, treats and more to patients.

Taymax Group supported Grady’s Gifts for the fourth year in a row by donating $2,000 to the cause. The franchise group decided to donate because Grady is a resident near the company’s headquarters in New Hampshire, and they were moved by Grady’s desire to give back year after year.

The franchise group welcomed Grady and his family to Taymax’s HQ office where the company presented them with the donation for Grady’s Gifts and gave Grady’s family a fun surprise of Celtics tickets. Grady and his brother, Colin, also helped Taymax celebrate the opening of a new club by ringing the celebratory bell.