Taymax Group Serves Up Culture with Volleyball Team-building Event

There’s no “I” in team, which is why Planet Fitness® franchisees look for ways to create oneness across their teams. Taymax Group provides a monthly budget to its area leaders for them to use how they want. The budget is used for rewarding individual team members, rewarding full teams, hosting contests, planning a team-building event and more.

On Feb. 17, one of the group’s Toronto area managers, KJ Yeboah, held a team-building volleyball event to recognize top performers in his region. The top performers were chosen based on their success in the top three areas of business: service, cleanliness and sales. These were individuals who consistently exceeded expectations for their daily duties. There were 22 team members from across three club locations who attended the team-building event.

The team members battled it out in a friendly way at the Kings Courts Etobicoke Sports Complex. The volleyball event ended with the team Vaughan (Woodbridge), Ontario, celebrating a win. The fun also allowed the group to become stronger and improve communication skills.

“Team-building activities are always enjoyable and memorable, and that was the goal for the night. Not only did we have fun, but new bonds were built, hidden talents uncovered, and the team’s culture has been boosted,” said Yeboah.