Taymax Holds Check-In-To-Win Loyalty Program

Members are a crucial aspect of any Planet Fitness® location, so naturally, clubs like to show their appreciation with fun giveaways and events. Taymax recently launched a “check-in-to-win” loyalty program across its fleet of 109 locations. The goal of the program is to encourage members to be brand ambassadors – for example, by putting a sticker on their car, wearing or using PF®-branded apparel, or checking in through the app.

At Taymax’s Vacaville, California, location, the team held a surprise drawing to give a loyal member participating in the program a prize – a $100 gift card and a free one-year Black Card membership.

The winner of the drawing was Donald Winston, and he and his wife were overjoyed with the news. Jared Fletcher, director of marketing for Taymax, explained that about a month and a half before the drawing, Winston had been in a terrible car accident that left him with a broken neck. However, as soon as the doctor cleared him to get active again, Winston was back at Planet Fitness working out.

Fletcher said that winning the gift card and one-year membership meant a lot to Winston, who kept telling the PF team how grateful he was for the opportunity, the gift and the motivation to continue his journey.

It is always great to see Planet Fitness clubs arrange giveaways like this for their members and brighten their days. PF locations strive to be more than just a gym to their members, and meaningful gestures like a drawing for a prize make a big difference.