Taymax is United for Uvalde

Planet Fitness franchisees love giving back and even giving blood to a good cause. Taymax’s staff helped in the community by donating blood July 9. Lisa Garcia, the area director for Taymax in San Antonio, Texas, organized the blood drive to benefit victims from the Uvalde shooting, a terrible school shooting that impacted many victims and their families.

Garcia said the Uvalde shooting still haunts her to this day. She worries about dropping her fifth-grade son off at school. Not only that, but a Taymax team member was impacted directly by the shooting.

“We had a GM’s family affected by the Uvalde shooting. She was one of teachers, Elsa Avila, who was shot and hospitalized, and in the ICU for several weeks. I sent flowers to her from Taymax,” said Garcia.

About 20 team members gave blood. One blood donation can help three patients in need – meaning Taymax impacted the lives of 60 patients!

The blood donations were given to Hospital-South Texas Blood and Tissue Center service, over 100 hospitals and clinics in 48 counties. The donations will also go to cancer patients in San Antonio and an accident patient in the Hill Country.

This blood drive was the first one Taymax did as a group, although some Taymax team members have donated blood on their own before but never as a staff. Taymax plans on being a part of a blood drive again next year.