TG3E Participates in Fitcon

TG3E’s team in Utah attended Fitcon, which is a fitness convention that encourages everyone to “find their fit.” Naturally, since Planet Fitness® is all about encouraging people to pursue their fitness journey by providing an environment free of fear, stress or judgement, the convention was a great fit.

The Planet Fitness team were exhibitors at the convention, and they set up a booth that had giveaways, raffle prizes that included the chance to win a one-year Black Card membership, free water bottles and more! The group also had the fun idea to do a rowing competition where the winner would win a free Planet Fitness shaker bottle.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for the group to get the brand out there – they were able to showcase the business to the thousands of people in the area. Raising awareness about fitness and exercise is so important, and it’s great to see a team getting the word out about Planet Fitness and its Judgement Free Zone® philosophy.