TG3E Supports Little Red Flag Football League

The manager of TG3E’s Steubenville, Ohio, location wanted to find a way to give back to the community, which is a small, family-oriented city.

The decision was made to hold an event for the Little Red Flag Football league, a coed youth flag football team for children in first through fourth grade. The nonprofit organization is run by one of the long-term, regular members of the club. The fundraiser was dubbed “United We Move With Little Red.”

At the event, a trainer hosted a few PE@PF classes to promote free fitness training at PF®. There was a table set up with a QR code to promote sign-ups, and a staff member was there to go over the rates. There were raffle items, too, and the prizes included a free one-year Black Card membership. The event was held in a park in Steubenville, allowing for appropriate social distancing.

The group decided to donate 10% of the proceeds to a club member who has been coming to the club regularly since 2016. This club member was in an ATV accident last year that left him with brain bleeding and swelling, facial fractures and other injuries. He is still recovering and continues to use a walker. The percentage of the proceeds given to him went toward his medical bills.

“This was a great way to get together and give the community something to look forward to after such a difficult year,” said Taylor Fitton, marketing manager for TG3E. “Not only was this a great way to promote PF, but it was an amazing way to give back to our members, the kids and the community, and say thank you for sticking with us so long.”

It is always great to see a Planet Fitness® club giving back to the community and contributing to worthy causes!