United Fitness Partners Motivates Runners to the Finish Line in Oklahoma City Races

Planet Fitness® always strives to find ways to motivate people to stay healthy, including volunteering at local events. In the fall, United Fitness Partners lent support to races in the Oklahoma City area.

First, UFP cooperated with local fitness fanatics by volunteering at the 2023 Spooky Spring 5K, 10K and Half Marathon on Oct. 7 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There were 390 runners in the race. The franchise group’s staff took the lead in conducting the warm-up activity for the 5K, which helped inspire and motivate runners into running their best during the race.

Additionally, the group’s staff set up a booth where they passed out water for runners and managed a first aid station. This helped ensure the safety of everyone on the course. UFP received positive feedback from runners, who expressed their gratitude for helping them push through to the finish line.

On Nov. 4, United Fitness Partners also sponsored the Turkey Trails 5K in Oklahoma City. During the 5K event, UFP was able to connect with existing and prospective PF® members. There were 370 runners in the race, and four PF staff worked at the event. Staff members provided sunglasses as swag for race attendees. Runners proudly wore their new shades, giving Planet Fitness free promotion throughout the race. UFP’s staff members also volunteered at the first aid station.

Both races were a great way for UFP to promote Planet Fitness to fellow fitness enthusiasts. UFP’s efforts and hard work during the races left a positive impression on current and prospective members.

“It was a blast connecting with both existing members and potential new faces all decked out in their Thanksgiving swag. The festive spirit was contagious, and we loved spending time with the community, our team and our awesome 5K partner Bodies Race Company. We can’t wait to do it again,” said Brittiney Shanks, field marketing manager for United Fitness Partners.