Veteran Runs 24 Hours Straight at Local Planet Fitness

There are many ways people across the nation choose to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Some pay their respects by staying in with their families, while others go out and do something in remembrance of those who have fought for this nation. Local U.S. Army veteran Sean MacMillen decided to pay his respects by running on a treadmill at his Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Planet Fitness® for 24 hours straight.

After serving three combat tours in Afghanistan and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a long road to reintegration and recovery, MacMillen wanted to raise awareness for veterans suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse.

Following 12 years in the Army, MacMillen hit a low point in his life when he returned home only to battle PTSD and substance abuse. After remaining sober for two years before relapsing, MacMillen found running was his best bet to recovering and staying sober for good.

“I know a lot of people who have lost their lives during service,” said MacMillen in a video interview with PA Home Page. “Really, these 24 hours are nothing compared to what other people go through.”

While completing his 24-hour run, MacMillen collected donations with half of the proceeds going toward the Herren Project, a nonprofit that provides addiction recovery services for those who are on the road to recovery and strive for a better lifestyle. The rest of the money collected went to support the Lycoming County Veterans Treatment Court.

“It’s going to hurt from time to time, but I know a lot of people who have lost their lives who have served,” said MacMillen.

In order to prepare for his Veterans Day run, MacMillen ran almost of 2,000 miles. Throughout the course of his 24-hour run at National Fitness Partners’ Williamsport location, at least 40 members of the community came out to support MacMillen and run by his side. The event also included prizes and a book signing by Mat Teachey.

In total, MacMillen raised over $4,000 and ran 85 miles during the day-long event, making local veterans proud.