West Chester, Ohio, PF Team Helps Save a Life

In a moment of crisis, Planet Fitness Midwest’s West Chester, Ohio, team called on their training when a member needed them most. Team members at the club were faced with a medical emergency, but remained calm, used their CPR/AED training and saved the member’s life.

Olivia started her shift like normal by clocking in, checking in with her manager, walking the floor and cleaning. As she passed through the club, Olivia was made aware that a member had passed out. When Olivia arrived, she found the member unconscious without a pulse.

Springing into action, Olivia called for help. Tommy, her manager, called 911 and retrieved the AED. Fortunately, another member in the club at the time was a registered nurse and stepped up to help. The nurse ended up taking the lead and gave the staff instructions on providing life-saving measures. The team did CPR and used the AED to shock the unconscious member twice.

Tommy met the paramedics in the lobby and escorted them to the patient. The paramedics had to intubate the member, who was transported to the hospital. Olivia used the member’s phone to locate their emergency contact, and by doing so, she was able to tell the family what was happening and let them know where they were being transported for treatment.

In the wake of the emergency, the nurse who assisted during the crisis explained just how essential Olivia had been as the situation unfolded, describing how she stayed calm and collected, followed the directions carefully, thought quickly and didn’t panic. The emergency would not have had a good outcome if it weren’t for the actions of Olivia, Tommy, the members and the paramedics. It is a relief to know the member is expected to make a full recovery.

Olivia, who has been part of the West Chester gym since July 2020, is currently a grad student studying occupational therapy. She has a real enthusiasm for health and wellness, exercise and spending time with friends and family.

Situations like this show how crucial CPR training is. “We stress the importance of being CPR/AED certified for every person employed within our group,” explained Tayler Rujawitz, director of talent and culture for Planet Fitness Midwest. “It is a requirement on day one of training.”

Situations such as the one in West Chester demonstrate just how crucial training can be!